National Association for Information Destruction

What does AAA NAID Certification mean to you?

Confidential Data Disposal complies with the guidelines and regulations and is audited annually and meets all the specifications and standards of NAID.

Our policy and procedure manuals, employment records, promotional material, logs and paperwork must be verified by NAID auditors to meet the requirements. In addition, Facility security, monitoring systems, destructin equipment and access control systems must stand up to the auditor's inspection.

NAID Asks the RIGHT Questions and verifies the RELEVANT facts!

What is the quality of the physical security at the destruction facility?
Does the vendor have the proper insurance?
Are employees screened?
Do advertised claims match what is practiced?
Are there written policies and procedures, and are they followed?
Are materials destroyed in an appropriate timeframe?
Does the destruction equipment reduce the material to an acceptable particle size?